5 Reasons I Hate the Ryder Cup

If you hadn’t noticed, and if actually haven’t let me know how so I can join your lifestyle, the Ryder Cup is almost upon us. Every 2 years Europe and America do battle over 18 holes to claim the most prestigious trophy in golf. All the talk about captain’s picks, wildcards and groupings are over. It’s now time for the golf to start and the players to make the headlines. Here’s 5 reasons I WON’T be watching.


#5 The excessive media coverage

It’ll be hard to believe that other sports and events are going on this weekend as all sporting news, coverage and headlines will be dedicated to the tournament. Expect the term ‘breaking news’ to be used in its loosest sense as the sports channels over analyse each and every shot.

#4 Golf is an individual sport

All year round golfers go into tournaments vying for their own individual success and suddenly are asked to be a part of a team. All of the golfers are professionals and embrace the team aspect, but why share your success and money when you don’t have to for the other 2 years in the sport?

#3 Europe v America is unfair

OK so the US is a pretty big country, but pitting it against 56 countries with their own golf institutes and authorities is quite unfair. There shouldn’t even be a contest when you compare the selection of players available for each captain. Europe should easily win each tournament and if they don’t it’s frankly embarrassing.

#2 The Captains

Apart from being the face of their team and the hero or scapegoat when the weekend is over, what is their purpose? They have their team effectively picked for them, and then stand around powerless as events unfold. What instructions can you give to golfers? “Make sure you hit that ball a long way”? “Incase you’d forgotten, you need to get the ball in the hole”? It’s hardly a game of tactics.

#1 Golf is boring

Ultimately, the reason the Ryder Cup never manages to attract and maintain new viewers to the sport is the fact that… well… basically… golf is boring. When you see Rory McIlroy being applauded, heralded and cheered like he’s saved a dog from a burning building when all he’s done is hit a ball a few yards, turn off and do something more exciting.


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