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Get Behind the Team

An advert I filmed and directed last November has all of a sudden become very relevant! #Getbehindtheteam and help England to World Cup glory! All the footage was shot on a damaged high speed camera at 150fps. Go Eng-ger-land!


Barclays PingIt Advert

Recently my enterprise group at UCLan had a series of workshops with some of the marketing team at Barclays. They were keen for us to devise some ideas to promote their PingIt app. I had the idea to show a group of friends in a restaurant having a lovely time, but as soon as the bill arrives and they have to split the bill, things go downhill. Luckily the PingIt app, and it’s split the bill feature is there to save the day!
The advert has now been nominated for the Young Enterprise IT/Technology award and if it wins will be taken by Barclays and used as part of their campaign. Very pleased! Fingers crossed!

Vacation Series 2

Short Sequence I wrote, filmed and edited for a Post-Production assignment. The emphasis on the video was sound design, and I feel pleased with the final product.
I created the soundtrack in Soundtrack Pro, looking for the audio to conform to the typical suspense styled soundtracks we hear in the thriller/crime genre. I also did a lot of Foley work for this piece, and about 90% of the diegetic sounds were recreated in post by myself.